Sacred Felt Collection


Established in 2006, the Sacred Felt Collection is the original collection of felted wool mats, hand and foot made by Jiwan Shakti. Inspired by felted wool mats in North India, this collection was born in Mt. Shasta, California to provide felts for the Center for Light On Learning, her Yoga and Healing Arts studio at that time. The Felts create a bond between you, the Earth, and the Comsos, and support yoga and meditation practices. The sacredness of these Felts is held in the reverence for the animals and earth, and with the reverence in which they are made. Each Sacred Felt is made with mantra and loving intuitive intention for the owner, known and unknown. As the collection developed, a select series of sizes for specific uses and the greatest comfort emerged. Custom sizes and designs are always welcome. The Sacred Felt Collection has grown over the years and includes Felts for babies, elders, pets, massage tables, beds, camping, traveling, journeying, and pure coziness.

The Classic Felts of the Sacred felt collection come in five styles.

There are some variations in the sizes for each style.

26-22 x 26-22 variable
$150 -$200 +

24 x 40 or variable two inches
$200 – $350 +

YOGA FELTS: Yoga Felt/ Yoga Mini
Yoga Felt               24 x 65-70            $300 – $550 +
Yoga Mini              12 x 40                    $150 -$250 +

HEALING FELTS: Massage tables /beds
30-33 x 70 or longer
$400 +

Baby mini             10 x 18                    $80- $100
baby mat              30 x 30                    $200 +
baby rug                45 x 45                    $500 +
baby bed               26 x 50                    $250 +