Wool yoga mat for healing and comfort! Since yoga is all about healing and nurturing, you might like to know that wool’s natural healing qualities have been known by holistic practitioners around the world since ancient times.

Wool has healing, nurturing properties and can enhance the experience of your yoga practice. It is comforting to the soul and can provide cushioning, warmth and a feeling of security.

Wool has many natural qualities which make it an ideal material from which to make a yoga mat. It is breathable, hard-wearing, has anti-bacterial and dirt repelling properties, and as an environmentally friendly product it is biodegradable, recyclable and comes from a sustainable resource. Aside from these attributes, wool is also wonderfully soft and warm to the touch, and as a manufactured resource, wool has the potential to be an extremely green product.

Wool absorbs 33% of its own weight in moisture and naturally works to keep your body at the optimum temperature. Enjoy the Luxury of a Real Wool Yoga Mat!

Feeling warm underfoot, a woollen mat is perfect for maintaining balance and posture. Some also have a rubber or latex underside so that they are non-slip as well. Wool yoga mats are favored by practitioners of Kundalini yoga. The natural feel of wool is said to promote a sense of well-being and harmony with nature that some practitioners find allows them to fall into a deeper meditative state and feel at one with their yoga movements.


Originally published on Yoga Mats Worldwide