moo-tyingFelting is an ancient primitive and instinctual craft that is a part of our sustainable future. Learning to felt is a wonderful thing to do. There are so many uses of felt, and it is the most natural, healing biodegradable, sustainable resource for healthy living. The basic principles of felting can be learned in many ways and applied to all sort of projects: rugs, mats, bedding, clothing, hats, shoes, bags, toys, etc. I teach how to make rugs and mats. I am available to teach through the Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center as a certified Thumper Trainer on the Thumper 2 wet felting machine. I teach Thumper Safety Trainings, private lessons on Thumper, and my special workshops on wet felting without Thumper. Explore EVFAC and learn more about the classes there. I am also available for booking a special project with a private group, retreat, special occasion, programs for all ages including children, and at your location. Contact me with questions.