YM news article photoThe ancient art of felting wool has existed for as long as yogic and meditation practices. They go hand in hand, creating a bond between you, the earth and the cosmos. Being supported on wool has many benefits. Wool protects your electromagnetic field, insulating your root and body, while breathing away dust and bacteria. Benefits to the planet include the use of a natural, renewable, biodegradable resource for our sustainable future.

Inspired by the felted wool mats the local people use in the foothills of the Himalayas, Sacred Felt mats can enhance your yoga and meditation practices, as well as bring a sense of sacredness, beauty and comfort to your home, car or workplace. Sacred Felts roll up well and travel easily, and are versatile in their use as an alternative to the sheepskin. The Sacred Felt Collection is made of premium eco-domestic wool and presents shapes and symbols from nature and the cosmos. Sacred geometry is an integral part of the purpose and experience of the Sacred Felts, which draw you to your seat, creating a space to connect to divinity.



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