Yoga Felts

24-28” x 65-70 inches


Essentially the size of a traditional yoga mat, and approximately 24-28” x 65-70 inches
The Yoga Felt is a perfect overlay for a Yoga mat or massage table, and because of wool’s calming and protecting effects, it will do wonders to support the healing of the client and the practitioner. Also great for Kundalini Yoga, Gong Baths, Sat Nam Rasayan, and other healing practices. These body size felts can also be made wider upon request. These are also great for every night sleep, camping, and elders or others who are bedridden. See Healing Felts Page.


Yoga Felts of the Enchanted Collection

Puro/Pure White  $300

Stripes. “Stripes” are part of Artisan Felts “Enchanted Collection,” a nod to the state where they’re made, New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. The Stripe expressed the vast horizon lines, and the Felts themselves are a revival of hunting blankets in the most kind way.The stripes come in an array of the rainbow, a frequent vision that enchants this land so much, and seasonally as local dye artists provide.  $350


Yoga Felts of the Sacred Felt Collection

As created in a Collection, or by custom order.
These mats are designed with my in-lay work.
$500 +