Shakti Mats



24” × 40-42 inches


Ideal for your active Kundalini Yoga practice, they are approximately 24×40-42 inches, and support the whole length of your spine, when you’re laying down. They double up to make an extra thick seat, and can also be rolled up from behind for a little lift. Can be shared with a friend, a love seat of sorts, and are great for camping too!


Shakti Mats of the Enchanted Collection

Puro/Pure White $225

Stripes. “Stripes” are part of Artisan Felts “Enchanted Collection,” a nod to the state where they’re made, New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. The Stripe expressed the vast horizon lines, and the Felts themselves are a revival of hunting blankets in the most kind way.The stripes come in an array of the rainbow, a frequent vision that enchants this land so much, and seasonally as local dye artists provide. $250


Shakti Mats of the Sacred Felt Collection

As created in a Collection, or by custom order.

These mats are designed with my in-lay work.

$300 +