Sacred Seats

22” x 24 inches

These original Asana, or prayer pillows as they were once called, are the classic meditation seat. Over the years these Sacred Seats have become popular as an essential item in daily life:Sacred Seats have a variety of uses and can very easily be rolled up and transported, and/or used in the car or the airplane, wherever you’re sitting to remind “it’s all a meditation.” Ideal for a teacher on the go!

Sacred Seats are approximately 22 x 24 inches, give or take a couple inches.
occasionally I make them as small as 18-19 inches square, or even up to 26-28 inches square.

Sacred Seats of the Enchanted Collection

Puro/Pure White $125

Stripes. “Stripes” are part of Artisan Felts “Enchanted Collection,” a nod to the state where they’re made, New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment. The Stripe expressed the vast horizon lines, and the Felts themselves are a revival of hunting blankets in the most kind way.The stripes come in an array of the rainbow, a frequent vision that enchants this land so much, and seasonally as local dye artists provide. $150.

Sacred Seats of the Sacred Felt Collection

As created in a Collection, or by custom order.
These seats offer my in lay design work