thumper-2The past seven months, SFC has been exploring and experimenting with a wet felting machine called Thumper 2. Thumper 2 was made by Bob Davis in Espanola, NM and the machine is now at the Espanola Valley Fiver Arts Center (EVFAC). Essentially since wet felting mats and rugs is like stomping grapes, Thumper does the stomping. There is still a lot of hands on and physical creativity happening to get the felt ready for Thumper and to create design. It has been an inspiration to be at the Fiber Arts Center with other fibers Artists and students. EVFAC intends to grow the felting community and Thumper is an innovative way to help support the healthy use of the abundant wool of this region in Northern New Mexico. What has emerged from this exploration is an opportunity to teach others on the Thumper 2, so they can begin to explore felting, and Learn to Felt. And the other blossom emerging from this exploration and inspiration is the ENCHANTED COLLECTION. A simple collection of line design.