Felt Care




Washing Instructions

You can simply wash your Felt in a FRONT loading washing machine, on COLD. 
You may want to put some other bulky items in with the load, such as towels. 
Use a natural soap for wool, or even a natural powdered detergent.


Drying Instructions

You can put your Felt in the dryer on medium heat for five to ten minutes if you need to. 
It is preferable to lay them in the Sun and let the air move through the fibers.


Traveling and Unpacking Instructions

To pack your Felt for travel, it is recommended that you fold your Felt into thirds, in whatever way fits your suitcase. If it arrived in the mail when you originally received it, it was packed that way! Rolling can take up more space than is needed, and cant bend into smaller sizes.

When you unpack the Felt, unfold it, lay it out, and roll it up, pressing and squeezing the roll as you go. Then unroll, flip it over, and roll it up again. This will lift out the creases from being packed, and your Felt will be fresh and ready for you!



Your Felt will pill on the surface just like a fine sweater, gloves, or a blanket. This is the short hair from the surface of the piece bonding together. You can easily pluck these off with your fingers, or use a sweater brush with bristles or blade. When you wash the Felt, it will help the surface to stay felted. It is recommended that you wash your Felt within the first few months of purchase to rebond the surface and reduce pilling.