Custom Orders


Made for You!

There are two kinds of Custom Orders: Custom Classic, and Custom Special


A Custom Classic is a Felt made from the start for you, with a design that I have done before. While no two are ever the same, the simplistic design and symbols are often repeated with variations in the small details and unique blend of colors. These Felts are within the classic sizes of the Sacred Felt Collection. You choose which design, and the color and the mantra.

A Custom Special is a Felt made just for you that is a design or a combination of designs that I have not done before. You can request the size (length and width), the design, location of design, colors, mantra, script, or embedded crystals. The cost of the piece will be determined by the combination of custom requests.  An additional $50 is added to the final cost for creating your unique design. You can look through the website and facebook to see previous Felts, you can share images that inspire you through email. Once we have a design and a price, we can create an order!

Custom Orders are paid in full at the time of the order. If needed, it is possible to do a 50% deposit on a large Felt, and the remainder before shipping. All major credit cards accepted. If using a debit card, a check would be preferred.  

Timing of Custom Orders can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on how many orders are ahead, as well as the timing and scope of the order. You will be told the expected completion date upon placing your order.